What Is Your Project Management Style?

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  • Everyone has a different management style to get the job done. What’s your Project Manager personality? There’s more than one way to do your work in a thoughtful way. Accomplishing goals and ensuring you’ve got great follow-through can come in different packages. Are you an Organizer, Traditionalist, Innovator, or Inspirational Project Manager? Take our quiz to see where you land!


    1. Which statement resonates with you the most about your project management personality?

    2. You have a client that is trying to change the scope of work midstream. Your reaction is:

    3. You’ve assigned tasks to another team member. He’s taken much longer to complete a specific task than we’ve planned for. What do you think to yourself?

    4. Looking back at the projects you’ve completed, your work tends to be:

    5. How would you describe yourself?

    6. What is your favorite part about taking on a new project?

    7. What quality do you most admire about yourself in the workplace?

    8. Productivity is key. How do you motivate the team?

    9. A project has missed some crucial milestones. How do you react?

    10. A project’s success is measured by: